01 January 2009

Incident: Crude tanker fired upon

A crude tanker sailing the Gulf of Aden (not otherwise identified) came under automatic weapons fire from men in two skiffs. "Master increased speed and made evasive manoeuvres, and sent a distress message via VHF radio. A warship and a helicopter were sent to assist the tanker. Upon seeing the warship and helicopter the skiff moved away." (ICC/IMB Website)

Note: This may be the attack on the Kriti Episcopi described per the ONI under the heading January 2, however the IMB lists the date of attack as January 1. The same ship was attacked twice on according to the ONI. The IMB describes a second, similar attack, also on January 1, as follows:
Two skiffs approached the bulk carrier from aft. Pirates in both skiffs were armed with automatic weapons and RPGs. Ship made evasive and preventive measures to prevent boarding. Pirates opened fire with automatic weapons at ship. One skiff came very close to ship’s port side. Due to aggressive preventive measures, the pirates aborted the attempted boarding. A warship arrived at location and detained the pirates who claimed that they were fishermen. Pirates threw their weapons into the water. Warship contacted vessel to obtain concrete evidence against the pirates.
(ICC/IMB Website)