22 February 2009

Incident: Saldanha taken

Maltese-registered cargo ship Saldanha is taken by pirates while sailing to Slovenia. It "has 22 crew and was loaded with coal." (Reuters, 04/09/09)

The 225m vessel (Vessel Tracker) still had 10 hijackers on board as late as April 08. Meanwhile "The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has reported that the Somali pirates holding a Maltese flagged ship have finally made [known] their demands." (di-ve, 04/08/09)

"Helicopters from Northumberland and the USS Vella Gulf were despatched with the US Navy declaring no threat. After the ship was captured, the Royal Navy seized a skiff believed to have been used in the attack. RPG munitions were disposed of and the skiff destroyed." (Wikipedia, "List of ships attacked by Somali pirates," 12/31/09)