12 December 2009

Analysis: Lynn Rival uproar endangers minister

The UK government's decision not to rescue the Lynn Rival's owners, the Chandlers, has caused a press uproar that threatens the defense minister's portfolio.
On October 29, the MoD said the Navy had found the Lynn Rival, but made no mention that the [naval vessel] Wave Knight was 50 yards away as the Chandlers were taken off it. On November 17, First Sea Lord Sir Mark Stanhope said the Wave Knight did not have 'special expertise to deal with hostage rescue'. On November 29, it emerged that the Marine rescue force was on board, despite Sir Mark's claims.
The situation is aggravated by hostage videos released by the pirates. Rachel Chandler is shown above in a video still. Lynn Rival, a sailboat, was taken 10/23/09. (Mail Online, 12/12/09)