26 February 2009

Incident: Bulk carrier evades boarding

A bulk carrier, not otherwise identified, is chased by "armed pirates in three speedboats" in the Gulf of Aden. "Pirates aborted the attempted attack due to the evasive manoeuvres taken by the ship." (ICC/IMB Website)

25 February 2009

Incident: Yan Dang Hai attacked

The bulk carrier Yan Dang Hai is attacked in the Gulf of Aden coming under gunfire. The Danish warship Abasalon "responded and seized the pirates’ skiff after the vessel managed to escape. Upon boarding the skiff, they discovered an RPG, four AK-47s, two grenades, and a knife." (ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping, 03/18/09)

Registered as the "Yandanghai," the 190m vessel is registered in China. (Vesseltracker)

24 February 2009

Incident: Product tanker chased

A product tanker, not otherwise identified, is chased by men in two speedboats.
Master raised alarm; crew mustered and activated fire hoses. Master requested for naval warship assistance and a Chinese warship acknowledged and dispatched a helicopter. The ship increased speed and took evasive manoeuvres. The naval helicopter positioned itself over the pirate craft resulting in the pirates aborting the attack.
(ICC/IMB Website)

22 February 2009

Incident: Saldanha taken

Maltese-registered cargo ship Saldanha is taken by pirates while sailing to Slovenia. It "has 22 crew and was loaded with coal." (Reuters, 04/09/09)

The 225m vessel (Vessel Tracker) still had 10 hijackers on board as late as April 08. Meanwhile "The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has reported that the Somali pirates holding a Maltese flagged ship have finally made [known] their demands." (di-ve, 04/08/09)

"Helicopters from Northumberland and the USS Vella Gulf were despatched with the US Navy declaring no threat. After the ship was captured, the Royal Navy seized a skiff believed to have been used in the attack. RPG munitions were disposed of and the skiff destroyed." (Wikipedia, "List of ships attacked by Somali pirates," 12/31/09)

19 February 2009

Incident: Trawler attacked

A fishing trawler (not otherwise identified) is attacked in the Indian Ocean by five pirates in a single skiff who fire upon the trawler and try to board it. "The master conducted evasive maneuvers, increased speed, and moved away. The ship sustained bullet hole damage. There was no leakage and no casualties." (IMB via ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping, 03/18/09)

Incident: NATO to boost anti-pirate forces

NATO announces it will temporarily boost antipiracy forces in the Gulf of Aden by delaying six of its ships passing through Suez en route to Asia. No details. "NATO’s first mission, involving three ships, lasted seven weeks until the alliance handed off to a six-ship patrol under the EU flag in December. (ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping, 02/26/09)

13 February 2009

Incident: Russia detains pirates

The Russian warship Peter the Great has detained three vessels and their crews of 10 pirates. No details. (RET News, 2/13/09)

12 February 2009

Incident: Iranian fishing vessel attacked

The Russian Navy intercepts two skiffs motoring toward an Iranian fishing trawler in the Guld of Aden. The nuclear cruiser Petr Velikiy "captured 10 Somali pirates in three vessels in the Indian Ocean armed with grenade launchers, automatic rifles, and landmines." "The ten pirates were later handed over to Yemeni authorities." (ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping, 02/19/09)

Incident: Prem Divya attacked

The 245-meter Indian tanker (Vesseltracker.com) Prem Divya sent out a general distress call after taking fire from a skiff. The USS missile ship Vella Gulf responded "and when the skiff attempted to escape after warning shots were fired," the USS Mahan, operating as part of CTF 151, "intercepted the retreat and arrested nine men onboard. A boarding conducted by both warships discovered weapons including one RPG." The detained men were earmarked for trial in Kenya. (ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping, 02/12/09)

Incident: Crude tanker attacked

A crude tanker, not otherwise identified, is attacked in the Gulf of Aden by five pirates in a boat.
The boat came as close as 10 meters from the ship. The master increased speed; raised alarm carried out evasive maneuvers and contacted UKMTO Dubai. A coalition warship contacted the tanker and proceeded towards the ship. The pirates aborted the attempt after around 40 minutes.
(ICC/IMB Website)

Incident: Bulk carrier fired upon

A bulk carrier operating in the Gulf of Aden (not otherwise identified) is fired upon by "Five pirates armed with RPGs in a black/white coloured speed boat."
They attempted to board the ship from the port side using a steel ladder. Master raised alarm, sent distress messages and took evasive manoeuvres. The coalition forces sent a helicopter to the location. After 10 minutes, pirates aborted their attack.
(ICC/IMB Website)

11 February 2009

Incident: Samonyolu attackers put in Dutch hands

The five pirates captured by the Danish Navy in the Samonyolu attack (Jan. 2) have been handed over to the Netherlands for justice. "The alleged leader of the group could face a 12-year sentence if convicted." (ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping, 02/12/09)

Incident: Polaris attacked

The tanker Polaris evades boarding by seven men in a skiff in the Gulf of Aden; arriving USS Vella Gulf arrests seven men matching descriptions given by Polaris crew and finds weapons on their skiff. (ONI Worldwide Threat to Shipping, 02/12/09)

The arrest was the first such for a CTF 151 vessel. The Polaris is a Marshall Islands-flagged motor vessel. (American Forces Press Service, 02/11/09)

Incident: Bulk carrier evades boarding

A bulk carrier, not otherwise identified, evades a boarding attempt 108 NM off the Socotra islands. The attempt was made by "Five pirates armed with RPG and assault guns in a light blue coloured boat... They fired towards the accommodation. The Master increased speed, took evasive manoeuvres and crew activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted the attempt." A Russian warship made contact with the victim.
(ICC/IMB Website)