17 April 2009

Incident: Danish vessel attacked

South Korea's newly arrived destroyer, Munmu the Great, has defeated a pirate attack on a Danish commercial vessel, South Korean military officials announced. No details. (UPI, 04/17/09)

Munmu the Great (DDG 976) is the flagship of a South Korean flotilla en route to join TF 151. Its focus will be protecting South Korean sea traffic. (Gulf Daily News, 04//05/09)

It arrived on station yesterday escorting a 12,000-ton South Korean cargo vessel, Pine Galaxy. (Korea Times, 04/16/09)

The intended victim was the cargo ship Puma (shown here) and "was being chased by a boat with five pirates, about 110 kilometres off the coast of Yemen. The Danish ship zigzaged to avoid the pirates and launched a flare at them to delay them." (Wikipedia, "List of ships attacked by Somali pirates," 12/31/09)