09 April 2009

Incident: France assumes command of CTF 150

"French Navy Rear Adm. Alain Hinden assumed command of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 from German Navy Rear Adm. Rainer Brinkmann during a Change-of-Command ceremony held April 9, in Djibouti," according to a USN press release.

CTF 150 is the anti-terrorist force given the additional duty last year of providing for the safety of maritime shipping in the Gulf of Aden. Frustration with the unit's performance, as well as limitations due to its primary mission, led to the formation of CTF 151 earlier this year with a primary anti-piracy mission.

Outgoing Admiral Brinkmann commented that "Local mariners rely on the international navies deployed in this region," without remarking on the CTF's record in providing local protection. (Fifth Fleet Release #059-09)