13 April 2009

Incident: Two Egyptian fishing boats taken

Two Egyptian fishing boats have been taken by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. "Egyptian officials reported 36 fishermen, mostly Egyptians, on the two boats." It is unclear whether they were together or separate incidents and whether the hijacking occurred 4/12 or 4/13. (AP, 04/14/09)

"'Our ambassador in Somalia has confirmed the boats were captured off the coast of Somaliland,' Ahmad Rizk, deputy foreign minister for consular affairs, told reporters. [...] Rizk earlier told state television that Egypt's ambassador in Somalia said it was the first time boats were seized off the coast of Somaliland, which is considered one of the safest coastlines in the region." (AFP, 04/14/09)

These vessels are the Mumtaz 1 and Samara Ahmad. (Wikipedia, "List of ships attacked by Somali pirates," 12/31/09)