27 April 2009

Incident: Qana (Gana) retaken

Yemeni Coast Guard forces attempted to liberate the hijacked Qana (Gana) "seized off the coast of Shafrah of Abyan governorate." The vessel, owned by Aden Refinery Company, was crewed by 23 men, three Indians and 20 Yemenis. "The anti-pirate operations resulted in three Somali pirates killed, two injured and other five arrested, the sources said, adding that two Yemeni coast guards were also wounded in the exchange of fire." Government sources said helicopters were involved in the rescue. They also said that Yemeni Coast Guard forces freed three other captured vessels on Sunday, 4/26. (Yemen Post, 04/26/09)

Note - the above appeared as a breaking story on the Yemen Post website on Sunday and AFP is reporting the liberation of the Qana as an event fulfilled today, 04/27, with the capture of some holdouts. - Ed.

Three hijackers were killed and 11 made prisoner by Yemeni forces recapturing the Qana (Gana) "In the first seaborne and airborne operation of its kind by Yemen."
According to the defence ministry spokesman seven pirates were captured on Sunday and another four -- two of whom were wounded -- were nabbed Monday at dawn, capping an 18-hour operation. Five crew members, including an Indian national, were also wounded in the operation to regain control of the Qana, the spokesman said.
(AFP, 04/27/09)