19 April 2009

Incident: Front Ardenne attacked

An attack on the Norwegian tanker Front Ardenne is foiled by a combination of evasive maneuver and the intervention of Canadian frigate Winnipeg. Winnipeg is joined by the US warship Halyburton and a UK vessel for a seven-hour pirate chase in darkness. (Norway Post, 04/20/09)

The 80,000-ton ship was attacked with automatic fire and RPGs in the Gulf of Aden. The chase
ended with the Canadians briefly detaining the pirates but then releasing them as Canadian law did not allow their prosecution.
(DPA, 04/19/09)

The Winnipeg was escorting a food aid ship when it encountered the pirates. The pirates dumped weapons overboard before being apprehended. (The Star, 04/19/09)

Front Ardenne is an 80,000-ton oil tanker owned by the largest tanker firm in the world, Frontline Ltd. The ship is crewed by 22 Russians and Filipinos and was travelling from China to Libya. (Bloomber, 04/19/09)